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    RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win.! have fun !
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    Hi i'm Magemasta600 i'm lvl 45 in runescape ~ I love mage,archer and melee and I DO NOT SCAM HACK OR BOT IN ANY WAY,Add me to your friend list and say hello!
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Three ways for money
There are three initial ways to earn money in runescape:

Killing things: One of the most entertaining, but not the quickest, way to earn cash. Certain monsters drop what you need. Drops varry from coins, to items (most likely something that you’re too high a level for you to even consider using.) that can sell at certain shops. Selling to a shop which specializes in that item gets you more money (sell shield to shield shop, mace to mace shop ect…). Killing players NOT recommended, you usually face other people who have that same idea in mind…

The second way, is raising skills. Raising minning, fishing, and woodcutting are popular. Woodcutting earns 5 coins a log, 25 a willow log, if you’re a member 100 coins maple, 250 coins yews, and if you’re a member, 1,000 coin magic logs. Fish sell for 100 a tuna, 200 a lobster, 300 a swordfish (VERY HARD TO BANK for non members, not recommened). Then there’s minning, where you have to pay the most attention. Iron sells 50gp each, coal 150 each, mithril I’m a bit unsure but 450gps or so, adamant REALLY unsure but nearly 1k per, and runite 10k an ore! This gets dull after a while, but it’s a good way to start getting money or to continue in it and get to the good stuff (gets better as you reach adamant, very long though, patience a must). If you would be interested in selling any of these items to me, I’m willing to buy :).

Last, but really the least, picking stuff up. It is the worse way of making money…but, you can do it with some risk it pays off. What I would do is wander in the wilderness (DO NOT TRUST ANYONE WHATSOEVER) and collect certain prizes. There is an area rather deep with iron and steel items (as mentioned in above posts probably) and there is also a spot in 38 or so wilderness that is partially surrounded by grass and guarded with moss giants who watch over chaos runes. These can bring in 100 or so gold each, and with proper care, you can get all 5 on the ground and find a spot where you can’t be hit. DON’T BE GREEDY, get like 50 if you can, maybe 100 tops. It’s recommended you sell in quantities of 1000 to get full price, if you try to sell ten or so people will call you a noob and no one will buy them. If you sell 1000 or more, you might be able to negotiate 110 each…but that’s a maybe. You can test out the buyers limit by saying a high price, then lowering it if it’s too costly. Picking up items can get you a small load, but if you are going to pick up chaos, GET READY TO BE WOOPED OVER AND OVER.

Easy money hints
Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas. Answer “Yes”, pick bananas, put them in the crate, then talk to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here for a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items.

Go to Port Sarim and do the banana thing and put a bottle of rum in the crate then go in and collect your GP. Then go back outside and to Port Sarim get a white apron and go get a job in the grocery store at Sarim. Search the crate in the back and take the rum and some bananas. Then go to the bar in Sarim, give the drunk the rum and then, when you are done, go up to varrock or someplace and sell the bananas.

Once you are at level 40 mining, add a person named yodoo86 to your list. He always buys coal. Mine coal and sell to him for 100 GP.

Get your smithing and mining levels up to 40 and mine gold in the Lessers Pits on Karajama Island. However, be careful of the level 21 skeletons. There are five rocks, so on a good night when no one is on, you can hit them in a row making your trip very easy. You can usually get 25 gold ore that becomes 25 gold bars. Put them into certs and sell for 1k a gold cert.

Mine and smith until you are at level 20 at both. Make Bronze Bars and turn them into things at an Anvil such as: a 2-H, Mail Plate Body, Skirt, or Kite Shield and sell them at the market for good prices. You can also do this with Mithril, Runite (not Rune), Adamantite, Iron, and Steel.

Go to the house outside of Lumbridge and collect Iron Daggers on World 13. Also, defeat Goblins for items that can be sold or gold, which is common. Sell the daggers for 14 gold or less at the market.

Get your mining level up to 30. Mine coal and you can make them into certificates and trade them for 1,000 GP each.

Get your mining level to at least 15, and your smithing level to at least 30. Go to the mine south of Falador. Mine lots of iron, and take it to Falador Furnace. Go north of Falador to Doric’s Anvils. Smith Iron Square Shields and Iron Kite Shields. Take them to The Shield shop in Falador and sell them for fast and easy money.

First, go to the new area in south-east Varrock where you buy priest robes. Make sum1 follow you there. There is a pen of rats. Click on attack rats and you will go through a fence. The person following you will be there with you. Log out then, go on a different world and there is a man in a building by the pen. Make sure no1 attacks him, click on attack him and you will get out of the fenced area. Then log out and log in the world that the person that was following you on, and ask them if they want out of the pen. They will say yes, and you say “if u pay me i will get u out”. Of course, they will pay. Using this method you will have a lot of money soon, just make sure that a person will pay big or rune armor or sumn like that.

Go to the wilderness. If you walk around, eventually you will find items from other peoples deaths. You shouldn’t bring anything good out and stay away from monsters. if you log out while fighting you will die. Run away for a while and then log out.

When you begin smithing a particular type of metal, smith Daggers at first and sell most or all of them. Then, once you get your smithing level high enough to make Short Swords, create as many of them as possible then sell as many of them as possible at the Varrock Sword Shop. They give you the best value per bar. It is possible to make over 1500 gp by selling Steel Short swords. It is also a good idea to allow the swords to regenerate after each sale because you can then get the most possible money for each of them.

Go to Chaos Temple. Kill monks and take the Steel Maces. Sell them to the Mace Store in Falador for 138 gp. Do this repeatedly to get levels and money quickly.

Go to Varock. Kill the level 21 guards there to get skill levels and up to 30 gp.

Go to Lumbridge on any World (1-13, etc.) and go to the house where the Goblins (level 7) respawn. There are two fishing spots there. If there are people fishing, they will usually drop Raw Salmon and Raw Trout which you can cook (if your cooking level is high enough) and sell in the general store for 10 to 30 gp.

Put all your items in the bank (including weapons and armor). Go to the Red Spider fortress in the wilderness. Ggo inside and dash for the Steel Legs or Gold Ore. If you die, you will keep the Ore and Legs and lose nothing. For higher levels, try getting three before dying or stocking up all the way before leaving.

If your smithing level is 34 and mining is 20, go to Falador and to the Dwarven Mines. Keep mining until you have about 100 to 200 iron ore banked. Then, make all the bars you can. You should have between 50 to 100 bars. Smith them into Iron Chest Plates then go back to Varrok and sell them to Hovick The Armorer. If your smithing is lower, then smith Bronze Bars and make bronze two handed and large helms and items until you can make Bronze Chest Plates. Make those until your smithing is level 34, then repeat the steps for about 10,000 gp every five to ten minutes.

When at combat level 10 or 11, kill level 18 warriors in Alcarid. They drop money and Iron Daggers sometimes.

Go to Karamja Isle and to where the people fish. Poeple will fish lobsters and swordfish until they cannot carry anymore. They will drop the fish. Take lots of lobsters and swordfish. You can make these into Certs in Draynor, and sell Swordie Certs for 2,000 gp.

There are about seven spawn points for coins. In the wilderness, go to the Dark Warrior’s castle and kill them until you get the Rare Black Mace and Black Medium Helmet, which both sell for a lot of gp. Get your crafting up to level 40 and make all kinds of jewelry, which also sell for a lot of money. Make Strength Potions and sell them by the wilderness in Varrock for 1,000 gp. Also make food and sell by the wilderness.

Get your magic level up to 55 (high level alchemy) and buy a Runeite Medium, for 8,000 to 10,000 gp. Use it on the Runeite Medium to get 18,000 gp. Buy another Runeite Medium and repeat those steps to get easy money. Note: This spell uses 5 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune.


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