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    Hi i'm Magemasta600 i'm lvl 45 in runescape ~ I love mage,archer and melee and I DO NOT SCAM HACK OR BOT IN ANY WAY,Add me to your friend list and say hello!
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Don’t be fooled!

Posted by magemasta600 on May 5, 2007

If you see a runescape  item/money selling site and if they have

They just put that there to look like there qualified by PayPal,Visa,MaserCard,AmericanExpress,Discover,Novus,Maxmind,Ebay,EbayReatailers,………..

There really going to make you pay for something that is not worth that much or not even give it to you…..

and i hate runescape money sellers and item sellers!


Article by Magemasta600



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