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    RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win.! have fun !
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    Hi i'm Magemasta600 i'm lvl 45 in runescape ~ I love mage,archer and melee and I DO NOT SCAM HACK OR BOT IN ANY WAY,Add me to your friend list and say hello!
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Skill Capes

Capes of Attack, strength, defense and ranging

Prayer, magic, runecrafting and hitpoints capes

Agility, herblore, thieving and crafting capes


Fletching, Slayer, Construction and mining capes

Smithing, fishing, cooking, and firemaking capes

Woodcutting, farming, hunting, and quest capes


Quest points cape


As you no longer have completed all the quests, your quest points cape unequips itself... ….. =(

Cooking cape emote (animation) ANOTHER C SKILLCAPE


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